Founded and directed by specialized high school alumni Tai Abrams, AdmissionSquad aims to help high-achieving middle schoolers gain entry into NYC's top public high schools (and thrive once there) through academic enrichment, test prep, academic skills building, and application advising. Tai is a graduate of The Bronx High School of Science, Class of 2005 and Duke University, Class of 2009. 


Meet Our Team

We have a team of dedicated educators, leaders, mentors and community organizers who are committed to seeing our children gain admission into NYC's best high schools.

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Tai Abrams, Founder & CEO

Tai had a vision to see all children in NYC be in a position to gain admission into a top high school and have increased access to opportunity to secure a bright future. She knew that information and resources were the main barriers to fully realizing this dream for certain communities. She got busy developing AdmissionSquad as a solution to this very important problem for NYC children. She is a graduate of The Bronx High School of Science and holds a degree in Mathematics from Duke University. 

Keola douglas, math instructor

Keola is a dedicated and passionate math instructor that helps our children develop a deep understanding of math and increase their confidence. She is a committed mentor and educator and is results oriented.


English instructor

Now recruiting for this role.


Join our team! 

Also seeking outreach reps and education consultants. Job descriptions coming soon.