Register Online for the 2018 SHSAT

Breaking news parents! As of 2018, the DOE is changing the SHSAT registration process to an online process at a website called where parents can register their children to sit for the exam. No longer will parents have to go to their child’s middle school guidance counselor or to a family welcome center to sign their child up for the SHSAT and receive an exam ticket and test date. Online registration at will provide increased transparency regarding which students are signed up for the exam and will allow parents to fully own the process.

Guidance counselors across the city were notified of this change on September 12th and details will be sent out to parents during the week of September 17th - September 21st. The opportunity to register your child online for the SHSAT opened on September 6th and will close on October 11th. Parents will receive a MySchools account creation code and will also need the child’s student ID number in order to sign onto the system.

This is a new system so everyone is learning how to work with it. Please be patient and be on the lookout for the details from your school. If you do not receive it from your school, contact your family welcome center right away. AdmissionSquad offers parent consultations and workshops to help you navigate the admissions process. If you need support signing up, you may email to sign up for a consultation.

Important Information

how do i register my child for the shsat?

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click Get Started and then the parent should enter their first and last name, their email address and establish a password

Step 3: Once you log in, add all of your children to the system. This website will be used for elementary, middle AND high school admissions so you might as well get ahead of the game. You will need each child’s Student ID number (can be found on the child’s report card) and an account creation code (provided by the child’s guidance counselor or at a family welcome center. Visit the link above to find your center)

Step 4: Sign your child up for the 2018 Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). If your child has a 504 or IEP, make sure you select this option to ensure they get the additional accommodations they need. Students with IEP’s or 504’s will take the exam in November.

What is the SHSAT?

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a free exam for New York City students in grade eight and nine that determines admission into one of New York City’s eight specialized high schools that require the exam. The only criteria that these schools consider is the SHSAT. They do not consider a child’s grades, state exam scores, attendance or punctuality.  Taking the SHSAT is the ONLY way for students to gain admission into New York City’s specialized high schools, which are some of the best schools in the country. Taking the exam is also excellent practice for the PSATs, SATs, and other standardized tests! 

Who are the Specialized High Schools Requiring the SHSAT?

  1. Stuyvesant High School

  2. The Bronx High School of Science

  3. The High School for Math Science and Engineering at City College

  4. American Studies at Lehman College

  5. Staten Island Technical High School

  6. Brooklyn Technical High School

  7. The Brooklyn Latin School

  8. Queens Science at York College

When is the 2018 SHSAT?

The 2018 SHSAT will be administered on October 20nd and 21st. More details, including test locations, are available in the SHSAT handbook. If your child has an IEP or 504 plan or is an english language learner, they will take the exam on November 3rd or November 18th. Go to page 11 for test dates, and page 12 for test locations. 

how do i prepare my child for the shsat?

Step 1: Download the SHSAT Student handbook to have your child start practicing the free exams available that include examples of what will be on the real SHSAT. There are also test-taking tips that your child can start to master

Step 2: Sign up for an AdmissionSquad preparation program

Step 3: Keep motivating and inspiring your child to be disciplined and focused about the preparation process which is a separate commitment outside of school. The 7th grade school curriculum, exclusively, WILL NOT prepare your child to be successful on the SHSAT. The more you are informed as a parent, the better you can advocate for your child. We believe that children should have as many high school options as possible. The only way to ensure this is the case is for parents to get clear on what it takes to get into these schools and to get their children the resources needed to qualify