What to Bring to the SHSAT on Exam Day

After studying for months and in some cases, years, it’s time for you to take one of the biggest exams of your academic career and the last thing you need to know is what to bring on exam day. The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is certainly a high stakes exam but as long as you are prepared you will be in a great position to be successful. Make sure you show up at least 30 minutes before the exam and bring the following items listed below. Remember, there are no breaks during the exam so be sure to use the bathroom in advance of the start of the exam and eat a great breakfast the morning of the exam. If you use the bathroom DURING the exam, it will count against your three hours. No parents are allowed in the testing location but they can accompany students up to the location entrance. Be calm, study as much as possible in advance and trust that you have done your very best to get ready for the exam. So without further ado , here are the things you should bring with you on exam day!

What to bring on exam day…

  1. Your testing ticket signed by a parent or guardian

  2. Your list of Specialized High Schools in the order of your preference. Make sure you discuss this with your parents in advance. This is a very important step! We strongly advise that you list more than one school. Anywhere from 4-8 schools in the appropriate order of preference is the right move! At the same time, only put schools you can see yourself attending.

  3. 4-5 sharpened number 2 pencils with good erasers or bring an extra eraser that does a great job

  4. Highlighter if you desire to have one

  5. A watch or any other timing device as long as it does not have a calculator function or any technology. You can’t use your phone to tell what time it is and you can’t guarantee that you will have access to a clock in the room in which you are placed. So, having a watch or non-smart timing device will be crucial.

  6. Dress for success. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Be prepared if the room is too hot or too cold. Layers are helpful here.

  7. Bring something to keep your energy up during the exam that does not make noise and some water that does not make noise. If it makes noise, it will be taken away. Some ideas include a small piece of candy, some nuts or dried fruit.

What NOT to bring on exam day…

  1. Cell phones, calculators, tablets or any smart devices are NOT allowed in the testing area