2019 SHSAT Test Dates

The 2019 SHSAT will take place on October 26th and October 27th. After registering for the exam on MySchools.nyc, students will be assigned a date and location and will have to report to the designated testing site on exam day. All first-time 9th graders will take the exam on October 27th.

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When do students with special needs take the exam?

These students will take the exam on November 2nd or November 17th.

When do English Language Learners take the exam?

These students will take the exam on November 2nd or November 17th.

What if the exam is being administered at my middle school, when do we take the exam?

There are 55 middle schools where the exam will be administered on-site. For these students and schools, the exam will be held on October 30th.

What if I move to NYC after the November exam dates, when can I take the test?

You will take the exam the end of Summer 2020. Typically in August.

What if I am not a NYC resident, can I take the test?

If you are not a NYC resident, you are not allowed to take the SHSAT or attend one of the Specialized High Schools.

Where is the exam located?

Depending on your child’s school district, home address and a few other addresses, your child will be assigned to one of the following locations: Stuyvesant High School, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Staten Island Tech, James Madison, Sunset Park, Long Island City High School, and Hillcrest High School. It is also possible that your child may attend a middle school where the Specialized High School Test will be administered on October 30th. Please check with your child’s school to confirm.

What if I am sick on exam day, is there another chance to take the test?

Yes! Make sure you notify your child’s guidance counselor as soon as possible and request a make-up date. You must provide documentation explaining that you were sick and unable to test. A doctor’s note can be used here and any photos or additional documents. See below for the information from the Department of Education.

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