12 Free SHSAT Exams to Start Studying

Although the SHSAT has evolved over the years, the fundamental elements of the exam have remained the same. As a result, students preparing for the exam need to stay up to date about the new exam and any potential changes that may happen but can also use the old exams to practice for the real thing. To assist you in this process, we would like to share 12 practice tests, available in the Specialized High School student handbooks, that are a superb (and free!) resource for preparation. To make this more convenient for you, we have compiled all 12 student handbooks which each include two free practice tests on our website in the Free Resources section, along with notes about how they should be used. 

At AdmissionSquad, we believe that these released tests represent the highest quality study material available so we strongly suggest that you use them carefully. When paired with a good SHSAT preparation course, like ours, students should have more than enough material to take them from here until test day. 

A few more tips...

If your son or daughter is working with a tutor, consult with them about if and when to use this material.

On a similar note, we have had students come in to take mock exams (we use released exams in addition to our own custom tests) only to find that they have already taken part or all of a specific tests. To avoid this, we suggest that parents inform any mock test center about which tests (if any) their children have been using to study. 

Click the button below to access a complete list of released SHSAT student handbooks that you and your child can use to help them get ready for the exam.